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Raise visibility. Drive traffic. Convert leads.

Tuesday Media were shortlisted for the PR Moment awards 2019, and have also been nominated for PRCA awards 2019.

What we offer

We help you to tell your own unique story and reach your target audiences on the platforms that matter.


Those who tell stories rule the world


Your brand story is the most powerful thing you own. Nobody can copy it. We help you tell it. Whether you are a business or an individual who has not yet built your brand, are launching a new brand or have an existing brand but want to revisit it; we can help you.



Building and maintaining a positive reputation


Building a reputation is about far more than forcing your marketing message. Your prospects are much more likely to buy into their peers’, colleagues and trusted commentators’ views of you, than your own. By securing positive publicity, we generate exposure, endorsement and trust in you and your brand.


Content Marketing

Creating value through content


If you write content that answers the questions your target audience is asking, you create something that is of value. This draws prospects in, encouraging them to engage with and share your content. As you build a community of followers, they will start to look to you as the ‘go to’ expert and will come back when they need what you offer.



Making you easy to find online


In the age of Google, no matter what industry you’re in, search engines are the way that most people will find you. We deploy a winning combination of technical know-how and insight-led content to fire power your search engine optimisation; bring you higher up the rankings and make you more visible online.



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Mental health has been a topical issue for many years now, but the conversation has widened since the pandemic. March 2020 came as a surprise to us, and our whole world changed. People could not go outside, go to work, or converse with colleagues. All the things that may help a person get by. It


Digital PR is commonly used among businesses that need help boosting brand awareness, using methods that work most efficiently online. Although similar to traditional PR, digital PR reaches a wider audience with techniques that can’t be used offline. The aim of digital PR is to create and improve your online presence in general, intending to


Content marketing is a strategy that’s commonly used to attract and engage a target audience. By producing videos, posts, blogs and other various forms of media, you can increase brand awareness. Content marketing is hugely important and should be integrated into any marketing strategy. Without content marketing, your company could struggle to maintain interest from


Raise visibility. Drive traffic. Convert leads.


Why us…


  • Understanding your business is at the centre of everything we do
  • We are master storytellers, adept at bringing you, your business and brand to life
  • Our approach combines great creative with intelligent analysis to accurately target your audiences
  • No PR fluff: we’re results focused and are not afraid to prove our worth

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Our team

Tuesday Media is led by Sophie Wilson, a business leader with experience ranging from startups to FTSE 100s in a variety of industry sectors. Sophie is supported by an expert team of creative, digital marketing, PR and SEO specialists; as well as a non executive panel of senior industry advisors.

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