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Celebrating Tuesday Women on IWD

Our agency was named after ‘Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday’, a Rolling Stones song about a wild woman who could never be tamed, a character with whom I relate! With that in mind, and on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the inspiring women that are part of the Tuesday family.

Multiple members of Tuesday Media

Claire Rees and Eleanor Rosenbach, both members of #tuesdaytalent on PR account teams and Commercial Director Ursula Adeane

Tuesday Women

Our mission as an innovative virtual agency is to empower the best people to lead the lives they want to live, whilst making great work. Unlike many agencies with a culture of presenteeism that can often exclude women, our model particularly supports working mothers. I’m exceptionally proud to say that excellent team members, Claire Rees and Eleanor Rosenbach are two such shining examples of women who balance their working lives successfully with parenthood, whilst delivering excellent results for our clients.

Claire says “when I left my role as a full-time journalist, I was determined to become a ‘free-range human’ – work was going to fit around my life. This became even more important when I had a child. Being a part of the wonderful Tuesday Media fits in with that promise. It gives me the community of a team, working with women with shared values whom I admire, and the freedom to do other things that inspire me, too. Twice a week I’m a university journalism lecturer. I can help my husband look after my son and steal an afternoon off to take him to the park. It would be fairer if everyone had the opportunity for flexible working. It shouldn’t be a luxury to be able to pick the kids up from school and it’s not lazy to dream of a productive four-day week. Hopefully we’ll be closer to that reality by next International Women’s Day.”

Another extremely valued member of the team, Eleanor, is living in Madrid and studying an MA, whilst bringing up her child. She is an active member of a feminist collective. The collective advocates for free women in free territories. She says “Until all of us are free, none of us are free. The collective advocates for a feminism that is inclusive and recognises the intersectional struggles of women. We’re working for a feminism that is anti racist, anti capitalist and anti facist.” Eleanor’s collective is part of a wider movement participating in a feminist strike today and you can read their manifesto here. Go Eleanor!

Ursula Adeane continues to be an important part of the Tuesday Media team in the capacity of Commercial Director and brings her strategic eye to the growth of the business. Ursula is heavily involved in a new triathlon club and enjoys mountain biking, being outside, spending time with her amazing Norwegian forest cat and going to spin class around her work commitments for Tuesday and other clients.

Some of the women behind Balmonds

Some of the women behind Balmonds

Tuesday Clients

In January, we signed up Balmonds, a natural, reliable, family skincare brand, founded by Natalie Balmond. Made by a loyal and experienced team who saw that the commercial world of skincare was letting people down, Balmonds’ products are highly rated, trusted and work astoundingly well, keeping things as pure, gentle and natural as possible. Natalie’s team of resourceful women includes: Managing Director Weze McIntosh, PR Manager Lucy Gulland, and of course Lula Balmond.

Lula’s two sisters Ellie and Ida also work for the award-winning business. It has been such a pleasure to work with this team of driven, inventive and creative women, who founded Balmonds from a passionate necessity to buck convention = and do the right thing by their loved ones. We’ve been engaged for branding and PR and have begun the creation of their new brand narrative. Watch this space soon for their official brand launch!

We’ve also welcomed Annabel Dunstan, Chief Exec of insights agency Q&R, who combines real time data analysis with an emotionally intelligent approach, to help businesses to listen better to their clients, employees and/or stakeholders. Annabel is a well-known speaker and host of events in the PR and communications industry. She is the Founder of First Friday Lunch Club #FFLC, a keen sea swimmer and yogi.

It’s been great to work again with Annabel, having formerly been a client of hers, and experienced first-hand the quality of her unique service, Pulse Check. I’m looking forward to working more closely with her, especially as she is now proud to call Brighton her home! We will shortly be revealing a new website build, having been helping her with brand, content and content strategy.

Marina Lois, one of the CoFounders of Bengo Media

Marina Lois, one of the CoFounders of Bengo Media

Another lady I have been pleased to work with again is Marina Lois, one of the CoFounders of Bengo Media. It was been a great, creative ride working with Marina and her team as we have been building a new brand narrative and website for them (shortly to be launched) behind the scenes. We’ve also been engaged for PR coverage, content creation and creative direction.

We want to give a mention to Susanna Silo the super marketer behind our prop tech client FirstHomeCoach. FirstHomeCoach is an app that fixes the broken process of home buying and we have been working with Su and team for several months, on brand narrative and strategy, content and PR.


Katherine Swift, Founder of OMGTea

Katherine Swift, Founder of OMGTea

We have recently been commissioned to work on a project for matcha tea company OMGTea, to tell their powerful story. When Founder Katherine Swift’s mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2010, she wanted to do something to help support her through her treatment. At the same time, Katherine was involved in a high profile fundraising campaign for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and became involved in supporting the research of one of the world’s leading genetic and cell biologists, Professor Michael Lisanti.

The research highlighted the positive effects of antioxidants in our diets. Inspired by the research, she discovered matcha. She and her mum started drinking it and Katherine felt so passionate about it, she founded OMGTea. Last week Katherine appeared on BBC1’s Food: Truth or Scare last Friday, in which she discussed her mother’s story and the impact she believes matcha green tea had on her mum’s recovery. We have been helping Katherine to raise her profile in the media as OMGTea announces ground-breaking new medical research that has demonstrated that matcha green tea has the potential to stop the spread of breast cancer stem cells.

Tuesday Partners

This year has seen the birth of new collaborations. We are discussing doing more with the super talented team behind Brighton Digital Women: Lana Burgess, Allegra Chapman and Rachael Finch. They have invited us to attend the closing party of Spring Forward, Brighton’s month-long celebration of the role of women in digital.

The  Balmonds business was brought to us by partner MeerkatWorks – another female founded, agency led by Heidi Carroll, with a strong team including Sam Williams and Kate Franklin. We hope to continue to collaborate with Meerkat closely into 2019 and beyond as we both see the benefits of bringing our creative storytelling together with their media buying power.

Tuesday Media has recently become a founding member of the PRCA’s Virtual PR Agency Group, a group of similarly minded agencies who are working together to raise the profile and reputation of the virtual model in the industry and share best practice. This initiative has been spearheaded by Nicky Regazzoni and George Blizzard, who blazed a trail with their business the PR Network.

It has been an immense privilege to work with and alongside these incredibly inspirational women in the last year, all leaders in their own unique fields. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with – and make great work for – successful, talented women and female-founded businesses.

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