The Purpose Of Having Media Relations

The Purpose Of Having Media Relations

In 2022, more businesses are opting to implement media relations into their marketing efforts – but what exactly does media relations entail? More importantly, what is the purpose of media relations?

That is what we are going to explore in this blog post. Read on to learn more about the world of media relations, what it involves, and how your business can benefit from an effective media relations campaign.


What is Media Relations?

At its core, media relations is the interaction and relationship between a business and the media – for example, journalists, news outlets, reports, and editors. This can also include online bloggers and those who work in broadcasting, such as news reporters, journalists and radio show hosts.

Experts in media relations will create professional relationships and network with those in relevant industries to bridge the gap between your business and the general public.

In 2022, the majority of people have smartphones and access to social media and citizen journalism is on the rise. Citizen journalism is where members of the general public act as journalists, reporting news or current events through their own channels – for example, blogs or social media.

This means that, although there are more media outlets available than ever before, there is also increasing competition to fill them and therefore for find newsworthy stories to pitch to the media

Excellent communication skills are needed for any quality media relations strategy, which will involve frequent and meaningful engagement with journalists. It involves communicating a message clearly in the best possible way, making it appealing or newsworthy.

Using the media is effective when reaching the public. Whether you hire a whole media relations or public relations team to deal with this aspect of marketing, or you hire a single individual, it’s sure to benefit your business as a whole. Some brands will work with media relations professionals on an internal basis, whereas others will work with them via an external agency. It typically depends on the size of the campaign and whether you’re looking for a long-term strategy or a short-term boost.

In 2022, media relations experts don’t just need expert communication skills – they need to be multi-skilled, as they’ll be working in a variety of different departments. A media relations strategy will often involve PR, social media, SEO, and general marketing, whether it be inbound marketing or content marketing.

You may be wondering about the difference between media relations and public relations. Check out this blog post to find out more.

Why Your Business Needs Media Relations

Media relations can be a great way to get coverage for your business, just like any other marketing. Media relations, whether it be part of a larger marketing strategy or a sole campaign, can be revolutionary for any business – from small start-ups to established household names.

Generating media coverage aside, there are countless benefits that your business can reap from an effective media relations strategy. We’ve listed 5 of the main benefits of media relations, from improving brand awareness to crisis management. Read on to learn more.


Media Relations Can Improve Brand Awareness

When done effectively, media relations gets your business or brand name seen and heard in media outlets that matter. Having your name mentioned and spoken about in the media, whether it be online or in news articles, trade media magazines, on radio or even TV can drastically increase your brand awareness and build your reputation.

By choosing the right outlets for your brand and target audience, relationships with the media that drive PR stories can ultimately get your name known to the wider public. Great media opportunities will give you a chance to tell your brand story and spread your message in editorial outlets that are consumed by mass audiences on a daily basis.


Media Relations Can Generate Traffic and Improve SEO

Increasing press coverage is an effective way of generating traffic to your website – getting more branded searches on Google. If people are seeing and hearing your name through the media, whether it be in articles, blogs, or radio and podcast mentions, they’ll be more likely to search for your brand name on the internet and visit your website.

After all, people will want to learn more about you after hearing or seeing your name in the press. You may also notice that media relations efforts can lead to your social media reach and engagement improving.

Press coverage can be a great way of acquiring quality backlinks to your site from high-authority websites such as news sites and popular blog sites, not only getting you referral traffic but improving your DR (domain ranking).

Ultimately, media relations can boost traffic to your site, your social media engagement and following, as well as your SEO (search engine optimisation) rankings.


Media Relations Can Boost Credibility

Credibility is key to any business success – you want your target audience and existing customers and clients to trust that you’re the business for them.

Media relations can get your business third-party endorsements. Endorsements are a great way of building your reputation and improving the credibility of your brand – giving your existing and potential customers confidence before they choose you as their brand.

After all, the media only usually chooses stories that are considered interesting and factual – and media coverage gives your business credibility in the eyes of the public. Word of mouth is a great way of boosting credibility – especially when it comes from the media. In the eyes of the public, your brand must be good if the media is talking about it.

Media Relations Is A Form of Networking – With Journalists

Just as networking is a key part of any business sales process, media relations is a key to networking with journalists, reporters and editors. A great PR / media relations person will be responsible for introducing you to relevant journalists and raising awareness of your business or brand with them. A journalist who knows your brand or business is more likely to then want to engage with you when they are looking for stories or an expert opinion.


Media Relations Can Get Crises Under Control

A crisis doesn’t have to be the end of the world for your business – a quality PR management strategy and media relations effort can work to get a crisis under control. In many cases, it’s possible to reframe a crisis and turn a negative into a positive.

Fast responses are key during a public crisis, which is why it’s so important to have a media relations expert on hand.

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