What To Expect From A Public Relations Campaign

What To Expect From A Public Relations Campaign

A well-crafted public relations campaign is vital if you’re wanting to persuade your audience to use your product or services over similar competitors.

A strategic public relations campaign is key if you’re wanting to raise the profile of your company. You can expect to see a big burst of activity that involves different types of media, with the end goal of distributing relevant information and reaching a wide audience.

Read on to find out what to expect from a PR campaign. A great public relations campaign includes placing your business at the heart of an issue or cultural media moment and offering newsworthy insights with a clear call to action that carries your key messages.


What Is A Press Release?

While there are many creative ways of building relationships with the press in the age of social media, key information can be crafted into a press release that succinctly tells the story of your campaign.

A press release is a recognisable form of communication that is structured based on the format of print and online news articles, features and round-ups.

A press release should follow a hierarchical structure of the most important and relevant information first, or who, what, when, where, and why model. This is based on the traditional editing practices of print publications where sub-editors cut copy from the bottom up.

A good press release will also use engaging quotes and captioned imagery, plus contact information and ‘notes to editors’ section for extended references and useful less newsworthy information about what your brand or business offers.

Ultimately, a press release is a statement that’s delivered to different members of the media and provides information. A press release can be shared through various forms of media, such as newspapers, magazines, televisions and radio broadcasts, which are all great to use when you’re trying to reach the public efficiently.

Examples of some other terms that are used to describe a press release could be a press announcement, media release or a news release – but they all pretty much mean the same thing.


Why Public Relations Campaigns Are Beneficial

So, why are public relations campaigns beneficial? And should every business use them? Public relations campaigns can help reach a wide range of the public effectively and help increase brand credibility, but what are some other benefits to having a great campaign?


Brand Credibility

Public relations campaigns can increase your brand’s credibility, which is something all businesses want. Public relations get your business’s name out to the world and spreads information fast.

Creating campaigns can increase interest in your business and open the door to lots of new opportunities. Having a successful campaign helps build a loyal customer base and attract new customers and clients, along with the potential to have a huge increase in revenue and a positive impact on your business as a whole.


Making Your PR Campaign Stand Out From The Rest

In short, we know what makes the media tick. We consume media around the clock, always seeking out new opportunities for our clients to become part of the conversation with carefully crafted campaigns that highlight brilliant solutions and showcase our client’s expertise and passion.

If you’re distributing information to the public through a public relations campaign, you need to make sure you stand out from the rest, that mainly being your competition, which could be other businesses in similar industries.

Getting cut-through in the 24/7 world of news media can be hard. Still, with the experience and professionalism of a PR team like Tuesday Media, it’s possible to raise the profile of your business to influence and inform the public and press.

We specialise in helping you crystallise your key messaging and media strategy to create meaningful PR coverage that effectively raises your profile and supports business objectives.

Knowing what to say and how to say it when it comes to press releases is vital because the rewards of creating a good public relations campaign can be great.

At Tuesday Media we know the importance of executing a great PR strategy with dedicated delivery, fully understanding the scope of the media landscape to generate fresh ideas and opportunities to land coverage based on the perfect pitch.


Main Forms of Media Used for Public Relations

There are many different forms of media used to get coverage when it comes to public relations, so let’s have a look at some of the most well-known, popular ways to do so.


Print Media

Print media is undoubtedly the most well-known form of media and probably the most traditional when distributing information through a press release. Newspapers, magazines, billboards and even product packaging are all on the list of popular print media.


Social Media

What exactly makes a press release put out on social media platforms so different to traditional print media?

Besides the big chunks of text that allow the audience to read through thoroughly, thanks to technology, social media press releases can include things like videos, motion graphics and anything else that could encourage the public to share and even write about your press release.

Compared to traditional media, a press release through social media can sometimes prove to reach a wider audience – this is probably due to how society has adapted nowadays and how we’ve come to be so used to relying on our mobile phones to find out information about things.

Newspapers now have apps, and more and more news companies are including online content as well as still selling their paper form.


Web Media

Online public relations, often referred to as digital PR, is a form of media that allows the public to find all information on the web.

As previously mentioned, technology is ever-changing and improving all the time, so it wouldn’t be a great surprise to find out that as the years go on, more companies are using web-based public relations.

Advanced technology isn’t the only factor for having more web-based media, since the pandemic two years ago, it’s no surprise that big companies jumped on the bandwagon of providing an online form of their media for those who couldn’t leave their house.


Does Every Business Need PR?

Public relations help to build relationships with a multitude of audiences. Media, investors, government and potential customers or clients are all examples of key people that you want to be able to reach efficiently when putting out a press release.

Spreading information about your business and reaching the right audience by doing so is great, but if your business isn’t putting out any press releases at all for yourself or clients, you could be missing out.

An audience’s attitude and trust in a company can influence the success of the business, which gives us another reason to put out good press releases more and more.

Public relations can additionally help to monitor and control any external conversations about a company and can assist in keeping up to date with business reputation and how they’re perceived.


The Goal of Public Relations Campaigns

The overall end goal when creating a successful public relations campaign is to be able to spread the news and create a media narrative effectively. Launching a campaign should also drive more people to your business or clients and keep them engaged when dishing out information.

Whether it’s getting you on the news pages, raising your profile in the trade press or influencing consumers to buy your products, we can help you craft public relations campaigns that meet your business objectives. Get in touch to find out more.

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