Advantages Of Using Social Media In Public Relations

Advantages Of Using Social Media In Public Relations

Social media is key if you want to keep your brand relevant. Regardless of whether you’re just starting up or have become an established business, the benefits of social media are endless and can help any business grow exceedingly when used alongside public relations.

Whether it’s a blog or Instagram post, creating top-quality content for your business allows you to heighten your brand awareness and gain potential customers by providing information about your business online.

If you want to gain more knowledge about the advantages of using social media in PR, continue reading.


Why do Social Media and Public Relations Work Well Together?

Used to share content and information about your business, social media sites enable people to connect online and gain additional growth. Social media gives you the opportunity to share your brand personality and connect directly with your audiences in an informal way.

Social media allows you to create and share ideas, interests and virtual communities. The most popular social media apps are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn, all of which are commonly used by many businesses.

With Instagram and TikTok being two of the most popular social media channels, companies are jumping on the bandwagon to display their services and vocalise their brand’s tone of voice to an audience of people.

Both social media and public relations go hand-in-hand, as the two consist of sharing information with various media outlets. With its real-time reaction, social media content can amplify already published press releases, allowing the message to reach an even wider audience.

Aside from sharing content and stories that reflect your brand, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to network with journalists, pitch and track trends. For example, following the hashtag #JournoRequest will reveal what journalists are looking for in real time.

Let’s go through some of the most common social media strategies that an experienced PR company such as Tuesday Media can help you with.


A Tool For Day-To-Day Media Relations

By following journalists, you’ll be able to gain extensive insight into what they’re interested in, allowing you to pitch and send story ideas to them where appropriate. By following the #JournoRequest hashtag on socials, you’ll be able to stay updated and see who the key writers are and what interests them.


Shares Brand Personality

Sharing your brand’s personality is key. Your audience should be able to have an understanding of your tone of voice and what you do, and social media is the perfect place to be able to display that.

If your audience enjoys your online presence and takes a liking to your brand’s personality, there’s a higher chance of them going from being a follower to a customer. Once you decide on your target audience, define your personality so that it resonates with your consumers on a more personal level.


Helps Build Trust

Building brand trust is crucial for any business. Potential clients won’t buy into your services unless they trust that you can deliver them accurately. If you stay consistent and upload content regularly, your messages will be amplified efficiently and equal better engagement results.

Gaining trust with your audience positions your brand as an authority and creates extensive growth opportunities. Having assistance from an experienced PR agency could help your business expand even further and offer advice when it comes to working with influencers and collaborators.


Increases Brand Awareness

Being modern-day word-of-mouth marketing, social media PR allows you to network with similar industries and audiences that have an interest in what you offer. When you incorporate social media into your PR strategy, great things happen.

Finding a way to connect directly with your target audience can be done by using social media tools such as hashtags, tagging features and story shares to name a few. If you put out well-structured, interesting content, the more shares and follows you’ll get. The main thing to aim for is to be able to persuade your audience to visit your website after being on your social media sites.

It’s important to announce big achievements made by your business, as it shows your audience that you’re skilled in what you do. Sharing updates, campaign launches and awards could potentially attract interest from journalists who want to cover your news in their publications.


Shows Behind the Scenes

Social media is a great way to show sides of the business that you aren’t able to show elsewhere. Apps such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are less formal compared to the likes of LinkedIn, so choosing what to share on which app is important.

Sharing the more vulnerable side of your business is important, your audience knows that not every aspect of a business is as happy as people portray it to be. Being open and honest across your platforms is the best way to be with your audience and can attract more readers.

Showing your business’s mission and behind-the-scenes content creates an approachable, friendly atmosphere across your socials, which encourages more people to reach out to you. Similar to proactive media relations, social media allows you to publish information on your own accord.


Generates Excellent Insights

Thanks to ever-changing modern technology, apps now have efficient engagement growth features for their users, making it easier than ever for businesses to measure results and study their growth to see what content is working best.

PR agencies can further your understanding of the social media landscape and help drive traffic to your services. By prioritising social media in your PR strategy, you’re increasing the chances of gaining a larger customer base, allowing you to gain insight into their interests and implementing that into future PR activity.


Links and SEO

Including links that revert back to key information about business updates and stories using social media channels helps give you authority, something search engines will recognise – this is why we use SEO at Tuesday Media.

If you link back to highly respected domains, it’s certain that your web ranking will increase and gain extra interest from viewers, which has the potential to result in online journalists including your content in their work.

The impact social media has can be extremely beneficial for PR, so it’s crucial to deliver strong, read-worthy content across your platforms, that people will genuinely enjoy and engage with – you want them to venture to the rest of your sites and see more of what you do.


How Tuesday Media Can Help Your Business

Tuesday Media has obtained a positive reputation with our clients due to our extensive, high level of knowledge and experience with PR. Able to help better your social media marketing strategies, we offer a wide range of services to better your business.

We work closely with your business with great achievements in mind. With a variety of journalistic contacts to reach out to, we act on your behalf when it comes to pitching to an array of media outlets.

Raising funds, generating new business leads, retaining staff and winning awards is something that Tuesday Media strives for, as well as giving valuable assets that have the potential to rank you highly in search engines.

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