The Benefits Of Using Content Marketing

The Benefits Of Using Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that’s commonly used to attract and engage a target audience. By producing videos, posts, blogs and other various forms of media, you can increase brand awareness.

Content marketing is hugely important and should be integrated into any marketing strategy. Without content marketing, your company could struggle to maintain interest from target audiences and ultimately see a decrease in revenue and engagement.

If you’re interested in gaining more insight into content marketing, why it’s important and how it’s beneficial for your company, then we’ve got you covered.

Read on to learn all about content marketing and the key benefits it can have on your business – and of course, why you should choose Tuesday Media as your content marketing experts.


Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing is crucial for any company that wants to grow and expand. If your company doesn’t have a content marketing strategy, you’d be unable to build relationships, trust or generate leads – something all companies require to survive. Customers expect consistent, engaging content.

With high-quality content comes website traffic and increased customer interest in the services you provide.

Being one of the many factors that help with expanding the growth of your company, content marketing has been able to solidify and obtain a good reputation for many companies, allowing you to express your tone of voice and writing style.

With technology ever-evolving and social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter being the modern-day online newspaper for companies to share updates, creating content has become an essential part of every company’s marketing strategy.

Tuesday Media recently produced a content marketing campaign with skincare and aesthetics wellness expert Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar Dr Yusra, where we produced the Beautified Britain Index: The Skin Report, which was amplified through PR securing coverage in The Telegraph, Female First and more.


The Main Benefits of Content Marketing

The benefits of content marketing are endless when you own a company. In this day in age, it’s vital to have a content marketing plan in place if you want to reach goals and wider audiences. Continue reading to find out more about the various benefits that come with content marketing.



Answering questions and interacting with your audience is something that can easily be done when you’re creating content consistently.

Whether it’s using story features on Instagram or writing blogs or generating PR coverage that links back to your website’s content, any form of published content is an interaction between you and the reader.

The more frequently you produce content, the more followers you’ll gain on social media channels, which ultimately means more potential customers and revenue.

Content marketing drives sales and aims to keep a flow of information and organic website traffic, but this can only happen if your audience has trust in your company.


Maintaining your Audience’s Attention

If your content is well written, interesting to read, and has a high-quality design, your potential customers and clients will keep returning for more. It’s really important to stay consistent with your content and maintain a good standard throughout.

If you start by posting compelling content but find that you’re starting to become less consistent, your audience will notice – this could result in people unfollowing your social channels or unsubscribing to your blog.

See content marketing as your one-way ticket to gaining a larger customer base, which ultimately means more money and general interest.

Tailoring content to whichever channel you’re posting to isn’t always essential, but it does show your audience that you understand how various channels work, as well as have an understanding of the type of content each audience wants to see.


Generate Leads

If you want to generate more leads, you must create excellent content for both your social media platforms and website. If your audience enjoys engaging with the content that you produce, there’s a high chance of them buying into your services and becoming new customers.

Calls-to-call action (CTA) placed within your content can also help generate more leads. CTA refers to the next step a customer should take, such as a “continue reading” or “buy now” button on your post.

Content should be seen as a guide to landing pages, and although the content you create is free for online visitors to engage with, the end goal is to divert them from a reader to a consumer.


Building Brand Awareness

When you have a content marketing strategy, you’ll certainly get more brand awareness, and although the overall aim is to persuade customers to visit your other sites and show interest in your services and products, an audience having awareness of your brand, in general, is a bonus.

Brand awareness is great because even if your audience doesn’t require your services at a specific time, they might need to in the future and will have you in mind.

With so many competitors out there working within the same industry, it’s vital you do your best to stand out to potential customers, giving them reasons to use your services and stay updated across your social media platforms.


Gain Loyalty

If you stay on top of your content marketing strategy and distribute it consistently, sharing company news and behind-the-scenes snippets, your following will grow. Long-term followers will continue supporting you, almost becoming an extended part of your company’s family.

Having a dedicated follower base can result in people recommending your company and sharing your social media posts. The aim is for your company to gain enough loyalty that even if your following does decrease, you still have a fan base remaining.

Maintaining a good online presence and continuing to attract new audiences will help create even more company loyalty, which is part of the reward that comes with being consistent with content.


Content Marketing at Tuesday Media

At Tuesday Media, we believe in creating value through content by helping position your company as an authority.

Unlike a typical content marketing agency, we use our knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to work out what your target audience is looking for and searching on Google – this allows us to build content around the questions they search.

Tuesday Media is a communications agency with a difference. We combine our skill sets to work alongside businesses, helping them to find their voice and amplify what makes them special.

We understand how important content marketing is for your business, and with our knowledge and expertise, we’re able to do more than just deliver content and coverage – we measure, react and report in real time.

We create an array of different content such as blogs, articles and infographics to name a few, that can all be used on your site. Our team have a variety of PR, content marketing and brand-building skills that can be easily implemented into your company’s already existing strategy.

We use a mix of content marketing and inbound marketing, as we believe that the two working alongside each other, with the addition of SEO can make great things happen, like new business and desired leads.

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