Key Examples Of Digital PR

Key Examples Of Digital PR

Digital PR is commonly used among businesses that need help boosting brand awareness, using methods that work most efficiently online. Although similar to traditional PR, digital PR reaches a wider audience with techniques that can’t be used offline.

The aim of digital PR is to create and improve your online presence in general, intending to turn followers and website visitors into consumers. If you’re interested in learning more about digital PR and key examples, continue reading.


How is Digital PR Beneficial?

Improving SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), increasing traffic to your websites, creating brand awareness, generating leads, and boosting sales make digital PR a staple in the world of business.

Backlinks are important when it comes to the growth of your company, and with more relevant links, the higher your website will rank – something digital PR assists with, alongside effective inbound media placements.

A key aim of PR is to secure media coverage of news that you want your audience to know about, which can be easily done when you use digital methods instead of traditional ones.

Thanks to the increase in popularity of social media channels, it is more competitive than ever to gain the attention of people online.

With organic website traffic and media coverage comes a new client base, which helps create brand awareness and generate leads, thanks to SEO. Additionally, digital PR can influence purchases and acquire links, helping your company maintain an excellent reputation.


Popular Digital PR Examples

There are many examples of digital PR, but blogs, audio content, videos and link building on popular and relevant news sites have proven to be the most popular ways to boost your company’s online presence, gaining attraction on news and updates you’ve distributed.

So, what are some key examples of digital PR? Let’s go through some of the more commonly used examples that companies use as part of their digital strategies.


Link Building

PR link building uses media pitching, press releases and content to gain valuable links that track back to your website. Just like SEO content marketing, PR link building is a key component of digital strategy.

High authority backlinks that have come from reputable company websites are favoured by the likes of Google, Bing and other SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Digital PR and link building go hand-in-hand, and with keywords integrated within your website, audio content, videos and social media posts, you can turn your work into a content campaign that Google can analyse and later rank.



Writing blogs and online articles is a great way to gain organic website traffic, especially if the content is well-written and gives an adequate amount of information about the relevant topic.

The more people that show interest in your blogs means the higher Google will rank your website, equalling extra website traffic and engagement.

Blogs give you free rein to express your company’s unique style, which is crucial when there are so many competitors in the same industry.

Whilst you’re providing informative content, you also have the chance to include links back to service pages, potentially increasing revenue and sales.

As well as providing information on various topics, blogs are a form of representation for your company, showcasing your skills and expertise. See blog creation as a way to bond with your readers and form relationships.

Being able to keep your target audience engaged in your written content continuously means producing work that’s unique and enjoyable to read, setting you apart from competitors.


Audio Content

Traditional PR often only creates audio content for radio stations, but with technology becoming more advanced and popularly used by current generations, tailoring your audio content and using more accessible, modern-day platforms can help reach a bigger audience.

Audio content and digital PR work well together because using media such as podcasts helps spread news quicker, allowing people to listen even when they’re on the go.

Being able to listen on the go is something that makes audio content (also known as an audio advertisement) so popular to use among those creating digital PR strategies.

Reaching your target audience in ways that don’t have to include looking at your screen creates an offscreen interaction, creating engagement in different ways that are a simpler solution to having to read a piece of content.

If you’re looking for other ways to create extra coverage on your company’s audio content, consider having influencers on your podcast, or alternatively use well-known online motivators who have relevance to what your company offers.



Videos and audio content fall under a similar category, and even though the two are different, they work in similar ways to distribute information without having to read anything.

Although there are plenty of advantages to audio content, having a visual effect can help viewers have a better understanding of something when they can see it.

Being easy to digest and entertaining, videos create the most engagement. For social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, videos are proving to be greatly popular by the day.

Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm now boosts video content to the top of the feed instead of regular posts.

With new features such as reels and stories, apps have made it easier to produce video content. If you create videos that grip the viewer and captivate their attention, the algorithm will notice and continue to boost your content.


Social Media

Social media is a great way to boost and amplify news and messages. With the ability to allow you to reach a wider audience, you’re able to share content such as photos, articles, blogs, videos or podcasts, all whilst getting your message across – resulting in stronger and more impactful PR.

With digital PR being a link-building tactic, businesses should aim to distribute interesting, captivating content with the aim to improve their SEO and search rankings.

Other ways to improve your online presence and overall engagement are by using in-app tools and hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to make your content be seen by your target audience, and play a big role in social media.


Digital PR at Tuesday Media

Content marketing, digital PR and SEO are among the list of services that Tuesday Media can assist your company in. We approach PR by using our expertise and skills to form a pitch to our list of journalistic contacts.

We’ve helped raise funds, generate business leads, attract talent and win awards for a variety of companies. We measure the success and impact your company has when you have media coverage, allowing us to better future relations both digitally and traditionally.

We mix both inbound marketing and SEO to maintain good results, and with the bonus of knowing which media outlets to reach out to, we reduce costs by removing the requirement for any external agencies.

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