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How To Brief A PR Agency: Our Guide

When you brief a public relations agency, it means you’ve compiled documents of your work and expectations that conclude on whether you should hire them. A brief generally contains information about your business, your current position as well as your aspirations and goals for future campaigns.

A PR brief is usually shared with around four to five agencies who you would have shortlisted prior. Whoever you decide to shortlist has to have attributes that you believe would fit you well – it can be a long process deciding on who to choose, but the more specific you are, the more chances you get the perfect agency.

Our team of PR experts here at Tuesday Media have put together a list of tips on everything you should include during the creation of your brief. With these tips at hand, we hope you’ll be able to get the best possible outcome from your agency pitch.


Always Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself is key. You could have an excellent brief but fail to mention crucial information about yourself. Of course, a brief isn’t made for you to talk about yourself, but it would be in your favour to include a small introduction about what you do and who you are.

If you were to meet someone in person, you’d introduce yourself, so why not introduce yourself in your brief? Many people would be impressed at the fact you’ve taken such a friendly approach as opposed to being so strictly formal throughout.

You want both yourself and the agency of choice to be completely aligned. By providing information about yourself, you’re not only creating a welcoming atmosphere, but you’re also letting the agency know if you’ll be compatible from the get-go.

At Tuesday Media, we understand that it can feel overwhelming trying to get your entire story across at once. We also understand that not everybody is completely aware of their brand story or what makes them stand out.

This is something that we can explore together – we can work together to establish what makes your business unique, and use it to your advantage.


Make Your Target Audience Clear

By establishing your audience, agencies will be able to know whether it’s achievable to reach them or not. PR agencies have a wide range of different networks and journalistic contacts at their disposal, so starting your brief by mentioning your insisted audience is key.

To make communications clear, go into depth about the sort of audience you’re wanting to reach and why. Your established audience should be the centre of your brief and help indicate whether the agency can work with you or not.


Talk About Goals and Targets

A brief must include your future goals and targets – this way, the agency will be able to know what they’re working with and what will be expected from them.

Both you and the agency should be working alongside each other when it comes to deciding on future goals and targets – this is why finding the right agency is key. By setting your goals straight in your brief, you’re allowing the agency to see if what you’re asking them is realistic and doable.


Include Extra Information

By including extra information in your brief, agencies will be able to see what they’ll be working with. Suggesting a budget is a great additional piece of information to throw in, as it shows whether they can do what you want them to for the set price.

Is there a specific way that you want your campaigns to go? Now is the time to explain why you work in such a way.

If you want to appear in certain publications or need extra help with creating an online presence through social media platforms, it’s worth mentioning. It’s really important to choose the right agency that understands what’s required from them.


How Do PR Briefs Help?

As mentioned above, PR briefs act as something to help agencies decide whether they’re what you’re looking for or not. PR briefs are like an initial pitch that includes the needs of your company, telling the agency what you’d be expecting of them if you were to hire them.

By having a PR brief, you’re setting the scene from the get-go – this gives the agencies such as our team at Tuesday Media a chance to really see what they’d be working with as they become part of your campaign.

We recommend setting KPIs within your brief as it helps agencies when they want to know how they might be assessed after the campaign. One of the main things to mention during a brief is whether or not you want to be featured in specific publications. Some agencies could have the right contacts for your needs, whereas others might not.


What We Do at Tuesday Media

If you’re reading this blog because you’re wanting to create a brief for a number of agencies, why not consider Tuesday Media? At Tuesday Media, we prioritise finding the voice of our clients, which allows us to find the reasons why people should listen to you and your story.

Our team understands that you’re under pressure to get great results – why launch a campaign and not want the best possible outcome? At Tuesday Media, we combine a mixture of traditional skill sets with digital insight, delivering more than just your typical content.

We aim to raise brand visibility, produce leads, boost traffic and convert your consumers to customers. We like to closely work alongside you in order to maintain a healthy, professional relationship – which we believe makes setting goals and expectations together much simpler.

Unlike many other PR agencies, we use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) alongside our content marketing strategy and PR tactics to help work out what your target audience likes to search for online – this makes us different to other agencies.

By using SEO, we’re able to encourage your target audience to share the content you produce, which ultimately results in more engagement.

That isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from other PR companies – we are storytelling experts that not only know how to tell and share your brand story, but how to grasp what makes you stand out from the crowd.

We use our knowledge and expertise to get your story across to noteworthy and relevant media outlets, using specialist methods and techniques to get the best results for our clients.

With an excellent reputation and client reviews, Tuesday Media have proudly won multiple awards thanks to the exceptional services that we provide. Looking at our case studies, you can see that we’ve been able to maintain great results for businesses that we’ve worked with.

If you’re interested in talking further about working together, please reach out to a member of our team today. We always look forward to speaking with potential clients about exciting projects and campaigns that you might need assistance with.

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