How A Media Pitch Can Tell Your Story

How A Media Pitch Can Tell Your Story

A media pitch can help tell your story in numerous ways. Media pitches are short forms of communication that take place between yourself and a journalist, broadcast network or publication. The main goal of a media pitch is to make the people you’re approaching see that your story is newsworthy and interesting, persuading them to help generate coverage.

Typically conducted through email or conversation, a media pitch is your chance to share your story and why it deserves the coverage you believe it deserves. Although you may have confidence that your stories are interesting enough to get coverage, not all journalists or news outlets will feel the same.

At Tuesday Media, we work alongside our clients to find out what sets them apart from other businesses, later using the information we gather to produce content, bring awareness to their brand and tell their story. We prepare our clients for media interviews, aiming for the best outcome.

If you’re interested in learning about the main purposes of a media pitch and how it can tell your story, continue reading.


The Importance of a Media Pitch

It can be a stressful time when you’re conducting a media pitch or having to write a press release. A pitch can just be a short written email talking about why you want your story to gain coverage and if you have a new product being released.

The team at Tuesday Media have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to a media pitch structure, and knowing how to conduct your pitch from the initial stage. A pitch email must be well written, including all the relevant information that a journalist or news outlet needs to know.

Getting your email pitch right is important – it’s your chance to impress journalists to get the reply you want. Our experts know who to reach out to depending on the nature of your business and the services or story that you’re wanting to gain attraction.

Any great story deserves to be listened to, but not all journalists or news outlets will be suited to do that job. Finding who to contact can be daunting – people have preferences when it comes to covering a story, this is why Tuesday Media dedicate time to finding out who is best suited to call from their long list of professional journalistic contacts.


Telling Your Story Through a Media Pitch

The Tuesday Media team are experts in the industry, having created an effective media pitch for many of our clients. We understand that it isn’t easy telling your story through a media pitch, which is why we’re here to work alongside you.

The main tip we can give is to do your research beforehand – it’s key that you look at what certain news outlets and journalists are already talking about and whether your story could be told by them how you want it to. Read on to find out some of our top tips and essential steps we take when it comes to telling our client’s story through a media pitch.


Tailor your Pitch

Once you spend time finding out which contacts are the best to reach out to, we work closely together to look over the initial media pitch template and find ways to improve and tailor the writing to each journalist or news outlet. By tailoring each piece of writing, your media pitch will feel more personal and targeted towards that specific person, with a higher chance of them considering your story.

We find out what subject line our chosen contacts tend to cover, helping give us an indication of what to write in your media pitch email. Journalists notice when you put effort into your pitch, especially when they can see that you’ve spent time doing research on their field of work and personalising your writing to them.


Stay Persistent

Staying persistent is something we believe in at Tuesday Media. Making follow-up calls and checking in with the journalists you’ve reached out to shows that you genuinely care about them telling your story and that they weren’t just another option for you to choose from.

Whether its a 24 hours or a few days after you’ve sent your media pitch email, we encourage you to check up on the progress of your email – journalists are busy people, so emails can be easily lost. Giving your chosen journalists a quick call also allows you to reinform them about your story – this gives you a second chance to impress them.


Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to track and follow your journalistic contacts. All digital marketing strategies should have social media included, with many businesses using various platforms to gain more engagement and reach their target audience. We push our clients to use social media, explaining the long list of benefits it can have.

Apart from helping build an online presence and being somewhere for you to share news and updates about your business, social media is a good way to keep updated with some of your favourite journalists. Staying up to date with news outlet pages allows you to see what other stories they’re covering and why.

Think of your favourite journalistic contacts as online influencers – how they act on socials determines your next move in reaching out to them. Watch their platform closely, using in-app tools such as stories and share options to display your interest.


How Tuesday Media can Help

At Tuesday Media, we work closely with our clients to find out what’s interesting about them, drawing out the most interesting, unique points of their organisations. With a combined skillset of expert copywriting, PR and pitching to well-known journalistic contacts on your behalf, it’s safe to say that we can secure the coverage your business wants and needs.

We aim to rank you highly on Google using SEO – this is something that many agencies don’t do. By using specialist techniques as well as both modern and traditional methods, we achieve excellent results.

We make sure that your story isn’t the first time the public hears about your business and what it offers, we strive for productivity and make sure your online presence is known by using different types of social media. To work with us, contact a member of our team today.

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