Repurposing Content To Grow Your Audience

Repurposing Content To Grow Your Audience

Many companies steer away from repurposing content, dedicating time to creating fresh content for their audience to see. Frequent social media content creation is essential, but it might not be as effective as you hope it to be – sharing your existing content with a wider audience can be more beneficial than creating new content all the time.

Creating content day in and day out can end up having reverse effects, driving your audience to follow similar brands. When it comes to content, quality over quantity matters – making sure you post engaging content is essential in the world of digital marketing if you want to maintain important online relationships.

At Tuesday Media, we work closely with our clients to monitor and track performance rates, allowing us to create a structured content strategy.

Regardless of how long ago your content was made, if it’s relevant and on-trend, we believe in repurposing it to land in the hands of more people. To find out more information about the benefits of repurposing content and how our agency can help your brand, read on.


Why Should You Repurpose Content?

Repurposing content allows more people to see what you’ve already put out in a new light. Whether you’re simply repurposing content to gain more traction or you want to put a spin on existing content to give it new life, there are many advantages involved.

Giving your content a new lease on life can make it more effective than when you originally posted. At Tuesday Media, we believe in using different techniques to ensure your brand has a flow of organic traffic to its website – something that can be done by repurposing old content and making it more relevant. With an array of benefits coming from repurposing content, let’s round up our top three advantages.


New Audiences

A good performance rate isn’t always guaranteed when you first publish a social media or blog post. When you revamp your existing content and distribute it to a bigger audience, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to generate a higher number of leads and create more awareness of your brand.

It can be challenging to come up with blog post ideas, which is why we integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) into our client’s strategies. Using SEO allows us to get your business to rank higher on Google search pages, allowing more people to find your services and products with ease.

Using specific keywords in your content enables Google to position your content at the top of search results – repurposed content distribution and adding additional keywords to old blogs is something we can do to create traffic to your website. Repurposing an original blog post and creating traffic undoubtedly equals more engagement and sales.

A great time to repurpose old content is when a topic is speculating the media – if you’ve written an article or blog post on something relevant to the news that’s circulating, putting it out there again for people to see could come with an array of benefits.


Reinforce a Message

If your content has key messages that your audience would benefit from knowing about, why not share it with those who’ve only just found your brand? Sometimes, covering a topic once is enough, but many pieces of content can be recycled over and over to newer audience members.

Letting a piece of well-written, engaging content disappear is something we don’t encourage at Tuesday Media – if we believe your content is interesting, your more recent followers deserve to hear about it. All expert marketers know how tedious blog content research can be, which is exactly why repurposing old work is so good.

Our team dedicate time and effort to making sure fresh content is produced for both your social media channels and website, but we also redesign and share old blogs as part of our content marketing plan and drive readers to the right landing page.


Saves Time

There’s no doubt that creating content can be time-consuming. Repurposing old content allows you to spend more time on other aspects of your business, whilst maintaining an online presence.

Having to start content from scratch is still important, but when you have interesting video footage and graphics to make use of, there’s no issue recycling them to create better content.

The best thing about repurposing old content is that it’s free – although written content doesn’t always come with a cost, shooting a video or having someone take photographs for your socials can. Using a mix of both old and new content together can save money and time, something that’s valuable in the world of business.

Our team of professionals has the right experience and knowledge to know what to include in past content before it gets republished. We use both traditional and modern methods in our work, making us different to other agencies in the industry.

It can be hard to captivate your audience online, which is why it can be so useful putting out extra content that hasn’t taken too long to create. As well as writing and repurposing quality blog posts, we make use of social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to better your overall brand awareness.


How Tuesday Media Can Help

We work with our clients closely to find their tone of voice and see what sets them apart from competitors working in the same industry. We’re class-A storytellers, using our expertise and knowledge to come up with interesting stories to go to the media with.

Creating compelling content is something we’ve been doing since we established ourselves, using our creative skillsets to come up with ways to engage with our client’s audience through social media. We look at what’s relevant in the news, repurposing old content and redistributing it for your new followers to see.

It can be hard to come up with new content ideas when you first start out, which is why Tuesday Media are here to help. We integrate SEO, content marketing and branding services into our work to ensure your brand is performing the best it can be. Using a mix of different methods, we’re able to get your products and services to rank highly on Google search pages.

If you’re interested in working with us, feel free to reach out to a member of our team by calling 07917 154596 or alternatively emailing

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