Top 5 Benefits of Media Relations

Top 5 Benefits of Media Relations

Media relations is all about maintaining close-knit relationships with media outlets, especially with journalistic contacts that have previously given you business coverage. Building brand awareness is essential in the world of marketing if you’re wanting to expand your audience – having media relations can help achieve this.

At Tuesday Media, we know the importance of media relations, nurturing relationships with the media for our clients and promoting your business, products and services. We’re not your typical agency – we use a mix of both traditional and modern methods to make sure your company keeps up its online presence.

We work collaboratively with our clients to come up with a successful media relations strategy, making sure our techniques create overall growth, appearing in search pages on Google against competitors and brands in the same field of work. To find out the five benefits of media relations, continue reading our article below.


What Exactly is Media Relations?

Media relations are slightly different to public relations, although they do share several similarities. Working with the media to distribute vital information, interesting news or market product launches is what media relations are typically used for. Also known as the press, the media can include journalists, editors, bloggers and podcast hosts to name a few.

We use our extensive list of journalistic contacts to get our client’s story out there to the right target audience, using our expert storytelling skills to reach out to the relevant people.

Pulling interesting and unique points from your company allows us to create stories that will captivate an audience and grow your following using other methods alongside such as content marketing and inbound marketing.

Compared to PR, media relations is focused solely on your company’s interactions with the press and getting your message across to as many people as possible. It can be hard to maintain relationships with the media, especially when you’re just starting out with your business and want to attract a wider audience – this is where Tuesday Media can help.


The Main Benefits of Media Relations

Like all marketing efforts, media relations can be extremely beneficial for your business. With the right press coverage, your business will see a rise in sales and website traffic. It can be challenging trying to break through the market, especially with so much competition out there – this is why it’s key to stand out and have your website rank higher than other companies on Google search pages.

Along with maintaining media-related relationships for future story releases, we use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in our work, using relevant keywords in the content we produce for you to increase organic web traffic and gain a higher reach. With numerous benefits coming from media relations, let’s take a look at our top five picks.


Boost Credibility

The media only runs stories that they find genuinely interesting and that they know their audience will like. Not only does the media running your stories help build trust, but it also shows your target audience that you’re good at what you do and makes content that’s worthy to share.

Having a good reputation is key in the world of business, without a good reputation your brand could fail to see a boost in sales and customers won’t trust the product or service that they’re buying. Third-party validation can help your business, especially when they’re endorsing your services through their media outlet.


Generate Organic Traffic

No matter how many social media platforms you have, everything should lead back to your website – the place where your customers can make a purchase. Making sure there’s organic traffic to your website is important – your customers shouldn’t just be engaging with your social media channels.

Although having a strong social media presence is necessary, it’s vital that your customers feel the need to explore your business further by visiting your website, reading your blogs and buying into the services you’re providing.

With the right press coverage, you should expect to see an influx of traffic to your website. Not only does media coverage encourage people to visit your website, but it also helps boost your SEO rankings – our team of experts when it comes to creating compelling content that can be put out to media outlets.

Any successful media relations campaign should generate an adequate amount of traffic to your website, but we understand that this is hard to achieve. Knowing who to reach out to in order to get your stories to the right group of people can be challenging, which is why it’s important to have a PR agency with a difference like Tuesday Media to help.


Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is a necessity, without building brand awareness you won’t be able to make yourself known to your target audience. Getting your company’s name out there in the media will help increase your brand awareness dramatically.

Having the chance to share your services and products with a wider audience is your chance to make more people aware of your brand, which is why it’s so important to make sure you’re putting out interesting, engaging news.


Establish Relationships

Establishing and maintaining relationships with media outlets is something all businesses should do – even if your story is shared once by a journalist, it’s vital you keep them in mind for future releases. Journalists appreciate being contacted, even more so when you personalise and tailor your media pitch to them.

You’re more likely to have a successful response from your media pitch if you’ve previously worked with certain media outlets before, this is why we keep all of our journalistic contacts in mind for our clients. Both online and offline relationships should be taken seriously in business – there can be many disadvantages to losing beneficial contacts.


Control a Crisis

With a powerful agency working alongside you, it’s rare that you’ll find yourself in a position of media relations crisis. Having existing relationships with the media allows you to act faster than you usually would if a crisis were to occur – not only can a crisis be detrimental to your brand, but it can also spread quickly.

Being able to reach out to the right contacts means that you can act on the matter efficiently and in good timing, allowing you to control what’s being spread by taking advantage of your close working relationships.

We offer an extensive list of services, including branding. The image of your company matters, which is why we dedicate so much time to the initial stages of working with you to ensure that your brand is being painted in the right way before we contact media outlets to share your stories.

If you’d benefit from working with us here at Tuesday Media, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team today. We have achieved excellent results for both past and present clients, using our expert management skills to steer the way to success.

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