Best Ways To Publicise Company News

Best Ways To Publicise Company News

Knowing how to publicise company news can be difficult if you’ve had little to no previous experience reaching out to the media. The easiest way to get your story across to the correct group of media outlets is by working alongside a well-established, trusted PR company such as Tuesday Media.

Collaboratively working alongside a team of PR professionals allows you to make use of their journalistic contacts and extensive knowledge. Trying to get your company’s news out to a targeted audience can prove to be tedious if you’re unsure of what you’re doing.

There’s an array of different ways to publicise company news, from adverts, newsletters and print. PR remains the most-used technique to get stories heard, delivering excellent results and gaining brand awareness. With many benefits, it’s clear why businesses go down the route of public relations when they want to publicise news.

Tuesday Media has been working alongside businesses from a wide range of different industries for numerous years, making them experts in the PR field. We use a selection of traditional and modern methods in order to achieve great results for clients. To find out more information about our services, read on.


The Most Popular Ways to Publicise Company News

Social media, PR and SEO are top of the list when it comes to techniques to use when you want to publicise company news – these are all popular techniques that are used here at Tuesday Media. Our team use an array of different methods to ensure your company news is publicised in the right way.

With a long list of journalistic contacts, it’s easy for us to reach out to the correct media outlets regarding your stories. Once a story is published, how the public responds to your company’s news is out of our control, but we make sure everything is set in place to ensure a positive response from the targeted audience.

It’s our job as PR professionals to tell your story, with the aim of generating leads and boosting revenue. Good PR should drive traffic to your website, whilst building trust between your brand and the customers – this is exactly what we desire to achieve here at Tuesday Media.

Although there are many ways to publicise your company’s news, our expert team have rounded up some of the top methods that bring in the best results.


Public Relations

Known short as PR, public relations is the act of telling stories about your company to the right media outlets. Maybe something exciting has happened within the workplace, or you’re about to launch a new product or service.

PR can be beneficial in many ways, not only is it one of the most trusted methods to use but it also gains coverage when done correctly. If you appear in the right places, great things can happen. When your business needs to gain attraction, public relations is the way to go.

If you’re wondering whether you should use a PR agency to deal with your public relations, the answer is yes. Not only do PR professionals deal with journalists and identify unique stories in your business, but they also give you expert advice whilst providing original, stand-out content for your sites.


Social Media

Utilising social media and including it in your strategies is crucial when it comes to content marketing. If you’re wanting to publicise your company news, social media is a great way to start. When it’s used effectively and planned by professionals, opportunities to reach a wider audience can be done with ease.

By putting out unique, relevant content, you’ll be able to build an audience that has a genuine interest in the services and products that you offer. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, putting out relatable content comes with an array of benefits.

Making human connections is vital if you want your audience members to stick around, and more importantly, venture to your website. If someone remembers what your company pots and sees you as a memorable, reputable brand that’s trustworthy, you’ll be able to drive sales and gain more customers and clients.

It’s essential that you keep your social channels updated with information about your business – social media experts will know how important it is to dedicate hours of planning in order to see great results. When you share company news online, people are more likely to trust your brand – a technique that should increase revenue if done correctly.

With social media influencers swarming a plethora of different sites, it’s easy to put out your company news by using their platforms to do so. At Tuesday Media, we keep on top of trends and popular methods including PR and ads – we know who to contact, whether it be influencers or journalists.

We switch up content, using a combination of different tools that are available within social media apps. By using a range of tools, such as reels, videos and photo uploads, we’re able to put out different forms of media to your audience that keep them engaged for long periods of time.

Social media is a great way to keep an analysis of who’s visiting your channels. By keeping track of who visits your platforms, you’re able to see whether your target audience is being reached efficiently.



Search Engine Optimisation is a key practice here at Tuesday Media. Without SEO, you could struggle to optimise your website and land on the first page of Google search results. We work hard to maintain success – our expert team utilises their SEO skills by making sure that your content includes relevant search terms and essential keywords.

Many PR companies opt not to use SEO, trusting that their proficient experience in other fields of work will bring results. Using a combination of trusting techniques, we’ve been able to get excellent results for our clients – this is why we continue to use our SEO expertise to grow businesses.


Publicising Company News at Tuesday Media

Tuesday Media is a trusted PR agency that delivers great results. We are class-A storytellers, able to share your company news to all the right places. Having helped many businesses in the UK, we’re always ready to take on new clients.

We have big things planned for this year, and we would love for you to be involved. There’s no time like the present, if you have news about your company that you want to share with the world, be sure to contact us here at Tuesday Media for help.

We offer both inbound and content marketing services, as well as branding. Our goal is to make sure your business is ready for website traffic and increased sales – all of which are guaranteed to happen once your company news has reached your target audience. You can speak directly with a member of our team by calling us on 07917 154 596.

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