Public Relations vs Advertising

Public Relations vs Advertising

Public relations and advertising are crucial tools for businesses to use. Both can help brands of all sizes reach a relevant target audience, allowing them to communicate with the group of people they aim to reach. It can be hard to understand the difference between public relations and advertising, which is why it’s useful to have a team of PR professionals to work alongside your business.

Advertising space is typically paid for, helping businesses showcase services or upcoming events that need to gain traction. Many corporations reap the benefits that come with successful advertising, which is why they continue to use such a method to reach a wider audience.

There are many differences between public relations and advertising, although both hold similar outcomes. Building brand awareness is mandatory if you want your business to succeed – this is where can Tuesday Media can step in. Regardless of whether you’re wanting to use paid advertising or public relations techniques, the team at Tuesday Media will be able to help.


The Differences Between Public Relations and Advertising

Although both seem to be similar, they hold many differences. Having worked in the world of PR for numerous amount of years, our team of experts help both large and small businesses across the country. We know first-hand the differences between public relations and advertising, with a clear understanding of what methods work best and why. To find out more, read on.


Public Relations

Public relations is often the practice of managing information that could affect the reputation of a company. How information is perceived can have an impact on any business, whether it be good or bad. The goal of putting out a story is to receive a positive response, but this isn’t always the case.

PR agencies help clients contact the right media in order to make sure their stories reach the target audience. Unlike other agencies, Tuesday Media use a combination of both traditional and modern methods to ensure clients get the recognition and attraction they deserve.

Public relations professionals aim to reach a wider audience. Those that are targeted through public relations can include customers, media, employees and investors. As well as a varied array of people being able to be reached through public relations, one of the more modern targets is social media influencers.

Influencers have a specific following, and if your target audience seems to align with the type of people following them, great things could happen for your business. At Tuesday Media, we work closely with clients to find out what makes them different from others within the industry, picking out key stories and interesting topics that are relevant to them.

Although both public relations and advertising leads to increased sales, awareness and credibility, public relations is considered to be a more trustworthy and genuine tactic to reach audience members. Unlike advertising, public relations attract people towards your business naturally.



Companies tend to have more control over their advertisements in comparison to the stories they decide to pitch. There’s little to no control once your media pitch is out there, but this is the same for advertisements. How the public reacts to advertisements is out of the company’s control, even when the preferred outcome is a positive response.

Advertisement is paid for, and the more money you have to spend, the wider of an audience you’ll be able to reach. Although adverts help build exposure, audiences remain sceptical as to whether or not the services that are being advertised are as trustworthy as they might seem.

Ads are more expensive, putting out a direct message to potential customers to buy their products and services. You have guaranteed placement with advertisements, whereas you have to persuade the media with public relations.

With the right PR agency working alongside your business, you’ll be able to earn and build trust with your audience, as opposed to buying into it. Public relations specialists like ourselves use expert language, whereas advertising tends to be more visual.

Advertisements have a shorter-term goal in mind – the technique of advertisements is widely used during seasonal periods such as Christmas. Public relations aims to build lasting relationships, but advertisements intend to boost sales in a shorter amount of time without worrying about prolonged relations with the audience they’ve reached.


How Tuesday Media Can Help

Tuesday Media has been helping clients up and down the country since we first established ourselves. We work closely with businesses to raise brand awareness by using our extensive list of journalistic contacts. Utilising our expert copywriting skills and industry knowledge, we combine both traditional and modern methods into our work.

We aim to secure backlinks by using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), a common practice within our business. SEO helps people find you online, and when this method is used alongside PR, content marketing and branding, great things can happen.

Our professional team secure positive publicity and generates exposure – something that’s vital if you’re wanting to build trust in your brand. Dedicating time to sit down and find out what makes you different to others in the industry, we use our class-A storytelling skills to pitch to the relevant media outlets.

Using such techniques has helped generate leads, sales and overall engagement for past and present clients. We use PR within marketing strategies, whether it be inbound or content related. Securing coverage across media outlets, we’re able to get your story heard by the right people.

It’s easy to target the right audience when you have a reliable PR firm to hand. Our team have undergone extensive training throughout their career, making them some of the best PR professionals out there today. The success of many businesses is a product of our hard work and dedication – we tailor campaigns to ensure a positive response is definite.

To speak directly with a member of our team about our PR services, feel free to contact us by calling 07917 154 596, or alternatively, email

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