Creating a more engaging message for B2C recruitment app


DUBL is a B2C recruitment platform that puts candidates seeking employment in control by connecting them with individual Recruiters, specialising in the type of role they are looking for.

The idea for it came out of a design sprint by a REED Recruitment-owned incubator for innovative tech startups. The theme of the sprint was to answer the question: How might Recruitment Agencies provide a better service to candidates? DUBL

We were engaged by DUBL to evaluate their core message for B2C audiences and to see if we could refine this to create more customer engagement and increase signups.


In order to prove DUBL as a minimum viable product, they needed to generate appetite from users. Whilst they had messaging and some marketing in place, their engagement rates were lower than they wanted them to be. Our challenge was to understand why this was and put a strategy in place to improve it.


We got all of the DUBL stakeholders together in one room and reviewed all of their existing marketing material together. During this audit, it became apparent that they were using lots of negative language. Instead of focusing on what the product does and why users should engage with it, their messaging placed an emphasis on what it was not and what it didn’t do.

This was a lightbulb moment for the team.

We then took the DUBL stakeholders through a series of exercises which enabled us to understand all of the features, functionality and benefits of the product, as well as the ‘so what…?’ for their target audience.

Together we extracted and articulated a new set of key messages, as well as an executive summary of the product, highlighting what it is and why users should sign up to it. We turned around their existing statements and created a new set of positive messages for them to run with.

“The sponsored content launched after our messaging session, echoing some of the more positive statements and being a bit more bold is performing better than sponsored content we’ve tested before, from an engagement perspective.”


Timo Hilhorst, Lead Product Owner, Dubl (REED Recruitment owned tech startup).


After the messaging workshop, the DUBL team took all of the new messages that we had created and changed the copy on the website and in their e-marketing and online ads.

They saw a 37% increase in engagement as a result of the new messaging.

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