Noetic Marketing Technologies

Creating a simple brand message for Noetic


Noetic Marketing Technologies is a guest optimisation platform for independent hotels looking to acquire, migrate and retain more direct bookings. We were engaged by them to clarify their core message and communicate the offering of their product.


Noetic’s challenge was to have one consistent statement that described exactly what their product, Noetic1, does. Consensus was their biggest hurdle, so our challenge to bring the team together and collectively articulate the product offering.


Our strategy was to get all of the stakeholders from Executive, Sales, Marketing, Technology and Product together outside of their usual office environment in a facilitated workshop, using our own proprietary model. Each member of the team had a unique perspective on the product and we wanted to extract this information to create a whole picture.

We took them through a series of exercises which enables us to understand all of the functional features and benefits, as well as the more intangible benefits These helped us to collectively articulate the nuts and bolts whilst also shaking out the value proposition and the most compelling key messages to clients.

“The brand messaging workshop that Tuesday ran for us was essential in helping us to
understand the positioning of Noetic1 to the target audience. In four hours we were able to get to
a single, concise, mutually agreed statement that summed up not just what we do, but why we
do it.”

Noetic Marketing Technologies

Antoine Edgcumbe, Sales Director, Noetic


By the end of the four hour session, we had collaboratively authored one executive summary to describe the product. This summary not only captured the features and benefits of Noetic1, but why customers should buy into it.

A few days later, the messaging was in situ and already being used at a hotel conference alongside Google.

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