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Boosting a business fundraising campaign



Hove-based digital marketing agency Search Seven’s ethos is one of ‘passion before profit’. To that end, they pledge to give 7% of their profits to charity and community initiatives and, in their last six years in business, have donated over £17,000.

This year, in celebration of their seventh year in business, they decided to do something special. Search Seven set themselves the ambitious goal to match the funds they had raised in their previous six years, in one. They launched #share7, a charity fundraising initiative to raise a total of £17,000 across seven charities and approached Tuesday Media to help them spread the word.


The challenge was to launch #share7 with a splash, then, ongoing, make sure that the campaign had regular exposure, without providing ‘media fatigue’. The ultimate goal is to reach the fundraising target of £17,000 before the end of 2018.


Our strategy focused on launching the #share7 campaign with a splash, securing coverage across key titles in local, business and charity media.
Ongoing, we have created a news pipeline, sharing stories and updates; engaging friends, clients, the local community and the charities themselves. We leveraged key spikes of activity and milestones to tell stories both on the Search Seven website and in the media; for example, around charity events such as a football match at Amex stadium, a golf event that was held in August and the campaign recently reaching 50% of its target funding.
It was important to strike the right tone with these articles. Our approach was to tell the company story, bringing to life the message that the ethos of the business is at the heart of the campaign. We wanted the campaign to not only be a call to action for fundraising but also to showcase the passion and inspiration behind Search Seven as a business itself.

“Tuesday Media has been instrumental in helping us to promote our #share7 charity initiative in 2018 – not only do they help to tell a great story but they have helped to make the events a great success, encouraging participants, sponsors, and the local community to get involved. I can’t thank them enough!”

Search Seven

Gavin Willis, Managing Director


Online, broadcast and print coverage in local, media, business and charity press, including two triple page spreads and monthly features in the Sussex Business Times magazine, coverage in The Argus local newspaper (online and print) and a radio broadcast interview on local station Radio Reverb.

The #share7 campaign is now at 50% of its target and Search Seven has credited our publicity with not only helping them to secure further funds, but also promotion for the business, which enjoyed it’s most successful month ever in June.

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