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Our Guide To Tracking Content Marketing Success

Content marketing is one of the most efficient ways to build brand trust, promote your business and create online relationships with your target audience. With multiple benefits, content marketing also boosts revenue, improves conversion and establishes authority.

Although your content marketing strategy could appear to be going well, you should be checking your analytics and statistics regularly to make sure your online presence is growing. The aim of content marketing is to expand your reach – this can’t happen if you’re not trying to better your online position.


What is Content Marketing?

Whether it’s social media posts, blogs, emails, videos or photographs, content marketing can consist of various different formats. It’s fairly simple – content marketing is the act of putting content together and distributing it to different platforms in order to increase engagement and brand awareness.

Content creation is the first initial step of content marketing and can prove to be one of the most important stages of your strategy, requiring much thought. If your content isn’t engaging and fails to stand out from competitors, no one will take an interest.

Although promoting your brand is a priority, your content marketing strategy should be planned to stimulate an interest in your target audience. The main content marketing goals are to captivate your audience and encourage them to explore your services further.

At Tuesday Media, we work together and combine our skill sets, aiming for the best results for our clients. Content marketing is something that all businesses should have in place – by working with our class-A storytellers and content specialists, you’ll be able to have a deeper understanding of the importance of content and why it matters.


Why is Content Marketing Important?

Without content marketing, your business could struggle to attract new customers. Content marketing enables you to interact with your target audience in real time, which is something you can’t do with some traditional marketing strategies.

By maintaining an online presence, your audience is more likely to buy into your services and go from consumer to customer. If people like what they see on one platform, the chances of them venturing to other places such as your website or social media apps are likely.

With technology becoming more advanced by the day and the world becoming dependent on smartphones and tablets to keep updated, it would be bad to rule out introducing content marking as part of your business plan.

At Tuesday Media, we understand the importance of having a content marketing plan in place. Using an array of techniques that are conducted by our team of PR professionals, we’re able to work closely alongside businesses to find their voice before approaching the online world.


How to Track Your Content Marketing Performance

As you begin to track your content marketing performance, you’ve got to make sure to set goals beforehand. Creating marketing targets allows you to strive for an increase in certain statistics.

The main aspects of your business that should be increasing as you gain more of an understanding of content marketing should be revenue, brand awareness, engagement and leads.

In marketing, the number of leads can act as a massive indicator of how well your content is doing – this is the same for overall engagement. The more engagement you get (likes, follows and shares) the more your content will appear on people’s feeds.

If you’re new to the content marketing game, we’ve put together a list of things you’ll need to try and boost in order to obtain revenue, brand awareness and more.

  • Revenue comes from sales, downloads and subscriptions made by your customers.
  • Brand awareness is increased as you gain more attraction to your online presence. The number of visitors to your page and story views can boost brand awareness.
  • Loyalty can be maintained as long as you stay persistent with your customers. If people start to unsubscribe from emails and newsletters, it could be an indicator that your customer loyalty isn’t great.
  • Overall engagement is amplified with social media shares, likes, messages and comments. Engagement can vary between different apps – for example, a retweet on Twitter is similar to getting a share on Facebook.


Tools for Measuring Your Content Performance

Although there’s a wide range of tools and metrics that can be used to measure your content marketing performance, many people will agree that the majority of your engagement comes from social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

With technology evolving, more of our generation of reliant on social media apps to keep up with what’s going on in the world today. The reason so many businesses have chosen to involve themselves on social media is because of the vast amount of benefits that come from it.

Thankfully, the likes of Instagram and Facebook, who are both owned by Meta, don’t charge their users to access their marketing performance. If you’re familiar with uploading photographs and using reels or stories, then you’ll know how easy it is to access your performance rates.

Even though many social media apps allow you to see how well your content is doing, it’s still important to use software such as Google Analytics or Chartbeat – a monitoring app that analyses your most effective content.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools you can use in business, allowing many possibilities for both content and optimisation. Analytics allows insight into your audience by homing in on the relationships across your media platforms.


How Tuesday Media Can Help With Content Marketing

Tuesday Media works with your business to create compelling, high-quality content. We believe that by giving you valuable assets that help position you as an authority, your customers will continue returning for more.

Combining both content marketing and inbound marketing, we believe your blogs, articles and eBooks will be fully complete and ready to be shared across socials and your database. Tuesday Media are different to the rest, implementing our professional knowledge into everything we do.

We use prospects to encourage your target audience to engage and share your content, which ultimately leads to more revenue and brand awareness. With extensive knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we find out what your audience is searching for online with the aim of boosting website traffic.

Creating content also means keeping track of its performance – something that has to be regularly checked as your business moves forward.

Our team will track, analyse and continue to switch up your content to suit your target audience. If you’d like any more information about the services we offer at Tuesday Media, feel free to contact a member of our team today.

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