Storytelling In PR Explained

Storytelling In PR Explained

Storytelling is used in everyday life, whether that be in conversation or through business channels. Every business has a story to tell, but it’s how we tell that story that matters. If you’re just starting out in the world of business, it can be hard to know how to tell your story and get it out there to the right media outlets – this is where we can step in.

Tuesday Media has been helping clients for numerous years to tell their stories, reaching out to the right journalistic contacts to ensure the right target audience is reached. We are natural, class-A storytellers, having a copious amount of experience and knowledge within the industry.

Attracting a growing audience of people and diverting them to your website to buy into not only your product or service, but your brand, is something that should be set as an aim when it comes to creating a strategy. Turning consumers into customers should be a clear goal when you’re putting your stories out there for people to see. To find out more about storytelling in PR, continue reading.


What is Storytelling in PR?

The main role of storytelling in PR is to encourage people to use their imagination. Effective storytelling in PR helps create an image of your brand in the consumer’s head – this is why it’s so important to have a professional agency work alongside you to ensure you’re putting out all the relevant information and painting yourself in good light.

The messages that you put out in your story need to be both engaging and interesting, aiming to captivate your audience’s attention and have them return to consume more of what your brand creates, whether that be through social media or media outlets.

Put simply, PR storytelling is a powerful tool that allows those in the marketing world to communicate vital information. The purpose of storytelling is to attract the right attention to your company by distributing interesting stories to the media, especially when you want to create better online relationships and boost website traffic.


The Benefits of Storytelling in PR

Telling good stories can come with an extensive list of benefits. Putting interesting stories out there for the public to hear can increase revenue, boost website traffic and position you higher on Google search pages. If people genuinely like what they know about your brand, great things can happen.

Although generating sales and boosting performance rates sit at the top of the list of things that should happen after sharing a story through the press, it’s always an advantage to make people more aware of your brand and have them consider your services in the future over your competitors.

Storytelling in PR helps humanise a brand, and it’s known that people tend to buy into people, not products. At Tuesday Media, we draw out the unique points of your business, finding what sets you apart from those working in a similar field to yourself.

Standing out is something that we encourage here at Tuesday Media – being different from the rest will encourage more people to show interest in your brand. Not only will people explore your platforms after hearing your interesting stories, but they will also keep you in mind and recommend your business to others.

Not everyone that hears your story needs to make use of your services, but they might know someone who does – this is why it’s important to put the right information out there and grasp the attention of your target audience straight away, something that can’t be done if you’re putting out boring content.


Storytelling in PR: Top Tips

Although stories should be altered to be the best they can be before they get distributed to the media, it’s essential that you stay authentic and true to who your business is. Our team of experts knows how to tailor your stories so that they’re still authentic to your brand but also interesting to an array of different people.

Talking about people who have bought your products or paid for your services shows credibility, allowing consumers to build trust around your brand before they’ve even visited your website. When you set the tone straight away, listeners will understand who you are and recognise your brand voice in future releases.

We’ve seen first-hand how companies can go overboard with what they share with the press, but not live up to the expectations that they’ve set. It can be underwhelming for someone to realise that your business isn’t all that it’s made up to be – by over-delivering in the stories you share, you could lose more potential customers than gain them.

Being realistic and talking about behind the scenes of your business shows that you’re not afraid to be real, this is something that many people value more than being fed lies through the media. If someone recognises that your brand is genuine, there’s a higher chance that they’ll spend time looking at your website and social media channels.

Talking about specific topics that are relevant to the news at the time can help drive traffic to your website. Staying in the loop with the news can be beneficial when it comes to conducting stories to share with the media – not only does including relevant news in your stories make people more likely to listen, but it also shows that you’re putting effort into making your story more newsworthy.


How Tuesday Media Can Help

Storytelling is what we do. Our team’s combined skill set allows our clients to gain traction and build brand awareness – we use our expert methods and a mix of both modern and traditional techniques to ensure our clients get the traction that they deserve.

Using SEO, content marketing platforms and branding services, we dedicate time in the initial stages of working alongside businesses to make sure we know the most interesting, unique qualities that they have to offer. We later use the information we have about our clients to come up with engaging content and interesting stories to go to the press with.

We’re not your typical PR agency – thanks to our long list of professional journalistic contacts, we’re able to find the right media outlets to reach out to and find out who’s best suited to share your stories with the correct target audience. If you’re interested in working with us, feel free to contact a member of our team today or view our services page.

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